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HIC EPIC Holmwreckers

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After a year a half of prototyping to find that perfect feel, Dan Holm has finally found the perfect bar. Designed 100% by himself, this truely is his signature bar. Dan and the EPIC Crew have put some serious time and thought into these bars, here are some of their awesome features:

-4130 Chromolly Steel
-100% made in the USA
-Quality Tig Welded
-Widths between 20"-22"
-Up to 24" high
-10 of backsweep
-Backsweep starts 4" out on each side, for a more comforatable without compromising your scooter's geometry
-Laser Cut EPIC Bar Cap
-HIC Oversized 1 3/8th inch Steer Tube Diameter
-3 month warranty