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Phase 2 Dirt Scooters!

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Phase 2's John Radtke has been at work perfecting his Dirt Scooter for the last 4 years now. John is a close friend of SZ and we have watched him come up with coutless innovations to make Phase 2's Dirt Scooter as technologically advanced as possible. These scooters were designed by riders for riders to allow us all to ride any terrain. Everything on this scooter has been designed from the ground up to make this the most lightweight and strong dirt scooter on the market. Dont buy one of those cheap china knockoffs that are coming from all of these wack companies. Buy the original here! but watch out because these will sell fast. Check out these awesome features!


- High pressure (80 psi) tire and tube
- Custom designed tread pattern with aggressive knobs for traction in the dirt and a center rib for
smooth rolling on paved surfaces.
- 2 piece, split-core hub design for easy tire and tube maintenance - 10mm high grade steel axles


- Oversized (HIC compatible) bars (can be interchanged with any existing Phase Two handlebar) - Made of 4130 Cro-Moly for durability and performance
- Riser design with 3 degrees of back sweep


- 3 bolt, CNC'd aluminum
- Phase Two logo cut out of the clamp


- 5" wide, extruded aluminum Phase Two 'X' deck designed by John Radtke
- New Hydro-formed down tube design (with larger footprint for stronger bond)
- Full length John Radtke signature deck graphic on bottom of deck
- Shop quality, solid black grip tape on top of deck
- Die cast stamped steel spring brake that utilizes the new Phase Two cartridge system. This cartridge system allows riders to switch different kinds of brakes onto their Phase Two deck. As with our other Phase Two scooters, both spring brake and flex fender design brake cartridges will be offered as aftermarket accessories.
- Impact resistant deck plugs installed in back cutouts to protect riders' ankles, protect the structural integrity of the dropouts, and keep dirt out of the deck
- Gusseted head tube with integrated bearing cups

- Phase Two style (non-plunged) deck/down tube weldment. This method of connecting the down tube and deck results in: 1) a stronger bond between the deck and down tube, 2) direct connection of the down tube to the deck's internal X-brace, and 3) creates a superior surface for nose blunts.
- 83 degree head tube angle


- Traditional BMX style 3-piece fork made of 4130 Cro-Moly - Heavy duty drop outs with a thru-axle design
- Threadless HIC steerer

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