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Here it is, the newest wheel to the Pro Comp Line of products! These things have a superior urethane on them that makes them about as grippy and soft as it can get, while still keeping them one of the fastest wheels out there! The urethane is also a wide shape to keep traction in even the tightest turns and carves!

The Pro Comp Whips come 100mm to fit any scooter out there! They are a spoked Metal Core Wheel with a sick colored/anodized core and pad printing on both sides of the wheel.

These wheels are literally the best for the price! You will not find a better wheel in this price range anywhere, we have been searching and trying different Urethanes and Cores for the past 8 months. This is definately the best result. We expect these things to sell extremely quick so get them while they are here!

Wheels are sold in pairs for $40.

**If you buy bearings and wheels we will proffesionally install the bearings for you**