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EPIC is proud to finally announce the release of Raymond Warner's Signature Wheels. Ray has been vigorously designing, proto typing and testing these wheels with EPIC since February 2012. After testing different thicknesses of the core and various types of urethane, Ray has finally settled on the wheel of choice. These wheels are original and aggressive!

These wheels come with a unique eye catching look with subtle laser etching of the EPIC Logo and Ray's signature. The core of these wheels is one of a kind. Metal core wheels these days either have a dish core or spoked core with cut outs or steps. Ray knew he wanted a gnarly wheel with strengthening features to put material where it was needed most and cut it out where it wasn't. So Ray and EPIC came up with a spoked dish wheel with cut outs and steps, truly a 1 of a kind wheel.

110mm wheel for extra ground clearance and speed.
Heavy duty spoked core with cut outs to decrease weight.
Fat, round urethane shape for extra traction when carving bowls.
Anodized color finish.
Laser etched graphics.
CNC machined out of 6061 t6 aluminum for quality and strength.
Same superior urethane as the Julio Sig Wheels.

This is one of the highest quality and strongest wheels on the market. We believe in this wheel so much that we will back it with a 3 month warranty against dehubbing and ovalizing. Support one of Scooter Zone's best, Raymond Warner.

Price is for one wheel.