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EPIC Raymond Warner Sig Bars

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Here they are! Specially designed by Raymond Warner to his specific look and style. The swept gussets give you that BMX look on a T bar. Raymond Warner says "these bars are extra cool" haha. Anyways, here are the features about these awesome Raymond designed bars.

  • 100% 4130 Chomolly Tig Welded
  • 100% USA Made for Quality
  • Widths from 22" to 17" Wide
  • Up to 24" Tall
  • Flat Black, Raw with Clear, White, and 2 Tone Smoke Colors available
  • Laser Etched Super Signiture
  • Laser Cut SZ Top Cap
  • Standard Sized 1 1/4th Inch Downtube
  • Works with SCS, ICS, and Threaded Forks